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Posted by VioLenT BoB (Dr.J0nes) at on May 03, 2002 at 02:16:31:

In Reply to: im in high school have to write an 8 pg posted by fuckin_shit on May 02, 2002 at 21:46:31:

: report on teh holocaust through the eyes of children. im not looking forward to doing that right now. but my parents are leaving me alone this weekend as they go off on their anniversary so i will too get hammered. and ive got pot. never tried the stuff before. looking forward to it. what college u go to>?

Don't smoke the pot. Save that shit for college. Especially if you are going to smoke it alone. It doesn't really do anything for you until you've got some kind of pressure in your life. And You're in high school if you think that's pressure just fucking wait, that's a cake walk, wait til you're staring tens of thousands of dollars in debt in the face.

It won't help you write any better because everything is 'funny' or 'heavy' when you're high.

There really is no point. If you have drank before , I can't discourage you from that, if only to say that make sure you aren't one of the principalities that have passed the "Illegal Consumption Of Alcohol Within A Private Residence" ordinance. It's not a criminal record, but the fucker costs between $250-850 dollars.

Trust me, I wish I had known how fun it is to get fucked up when you're legal. Save the drinking for when you're in college, at least. The better the college you get into, the better the drinking, trust me.

High school is a time to suffer and plot future success, not smoke weed and drink, that shit will kill your future, especially if you get to into it.

Experiment with the booze, sure, but fuck man save the drugs until you're at least 18 and your parents can't be held accountable any longer, out of town or not, that's just respectful.

Listen to me, fucker.

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