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Posted by Hermione at on May 02, 2002 at 22:43:44:

Don't know when my metabolism slowed down, I'm kinda oblivious to the fact that I even have a body. Anyway, here's some weight loss motivation straight from my Physiology class:

1. For every pound of fat gained, there are approximately 200 miles of blood vessels built to service it. (lots more work for your heart)

2. I opened up a fat guy the other day. Not only was there way too much fat surrounding his heart (a little is normal), but there were polyp-like masses of the stuff all over his intestines. Very gross. I now make it a habit to visit the cadaver room every day before lunch. I'm losing weight already.

3. Our teacher pulled what looked like a cow heart out of "the mystery bucket" the other day. He was giving us an example of left ventricular hypertrophy, not a good thing. Normally, the heart should be about the size of a fist. This one was the size of my head. It had been pulled out of a obese, sedentary smoker.

The bright side:

You can significantly change your physiology for the better by exercising. This is better for your body that quitting smoking or eating fucking rabbit food (although enough thousand island dressing makes it bearable). Even by taking a brisk 20 minute walk every morning, you do yourself a world of good.

Good luck (and give Mews a noogie for me, he's so much like my little brother!)

P.S. Getting laid is good exercise, you know. Tell your wife it's been scientifically proven.

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