Damn, man...

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Posted by Panastasia at bghost018-086.bghost.com on April 27, 2002 at 03:35:42:

In Reply to: Obviously posted by Kiss lt on April 26, 2002 at 14:14:29:

: She had a bad attitude anyway. To be blunt, It sucks she died (especially in a wreck), but she was never really that great of a person anyway.

**"She was never that great of a person anyway?" Did you know her? I don't mean to be rude or presumptuous, but that's kind of harsh, don't you think?

: And No Scrubs sucked almost as bad as Vanilla Ice's attempt to break into the hardcore rock scene, but that's just my comparison.

**You are most certainly entitled to your opinion, but truthfully, could anything suck as much as "Van Winkie's" voyage into the netherlands? That whole thing was just...*wrong*

: An openly pegan adult male risked his own life to save the life of a 7 year old christian girl from a speeding Mustang yesterday. He set aside his belief system to save the life of a young child. This person rose above everything that ever happened between the two groups, which now gives you hope for some kind of sanity in this world obsessed by religion. Did you hear about that? No.

**Yeah, you have to watch out for those "pegans." They've always been out to rid the world of people by *not* dashing out into speeding traffic to save the life of Christians. Seriously. I read it in a brochure once. They're weird that way. ;)

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