Re: so this clown was chasing after me yeasterday.

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Posted by Guinevere at on April 26, 2002 at 19:21:33:

In Reply to: so this clown was chasing after me yeasterday... posted by nugsessionz on April 26, 2002 at 18:30:01:

Yo, you should be a lawyer with your great verbal and spelling skills.

: wielding a knife and loosing that insane cackle, i knew i was in trouble when all of a sudden out of nowhere...

: anyway i'm still alive and thriving so it's alright, i tried to write up this huge argument that me and my partner made for argumentations class the other day and post it here, just to be a nuscience yo, but my password wouldn't work, so you all missed out on this astounding piece of intellectual banter about reformations of certain legislation including everything from decriminalization to pharmecuticals to military efforts, it was stunning...
: i should be an attorney,
: so im' makin this movie and the first scene is thes three fellas standing around the keg in the kitchen of the party talking, when all of a sudden out of nowhere one of them gets boastful about how smooth he is with the ladies right? the other two promptly bet him a hundred dollars he can't lay these three women meandering around the party before the end of the week. . . so he does though he takes all three of them upstairs right away and makes with the kissen, caressin, undressin, & whatnot they all come back down to the party and he collects his hundred dollars, but one of the women sees this and slaps him sayin "what we were some kind of bet!!?" he's chill though and replies "you're a crazy (e.d.), (pause for dramatics) you know, i think this might just work out, what do you say we take this hundred dollars and go downtown?"
: it gets better, deep intrinsic i tell you...
: so do you get thatah joke kev? travel with white rabbits? yeah i got two of 'em in a sack... trippin nuts... hahaha you should start that college tour dvd with that... that'd be cool...

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