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Posted by PureCarnage at on April 28, 2002 at 23:13:49:

To the ViewAskew Crew!

Now that i got that off my chest. You guy's Rock!

Since I never have anything intelligent to say, I'll take a moment to introduce myself.

Name: Ian Wilson
Nick: PureCarnage
IQ: 67 on a good day
Sex: Just call me
Hobbies: If you can call masturbation a hobby...

My Greatest Achievement: Looking up my grade three teacher's skirt.

What I feel I can bring to the ViewAskew community. Pain, suffering, repentance.

Most frequently used Drug: British Columbia Canada's finest grown.

Anyways, that's my intro.

I'm an easy find on the net.

I'll throw this in... it's an old comic I was working on. It's not important, will never see print and god knows why I drew it. Oh yeah, it's my pot comic. Something I liked to work on when I was baked. :)

some of you might appreciate it where others fail to get the humour. Namely my Bible study group.

I run a cable box and have a linux box serving apache 1.3.24... some links to some other crap there.

Spanktastic! My first post on View Askew productions.


Note: If you reply to my hotmail account put something like :From the viewaskew messageboard or it will be jammed in with all my other spank mail, porn spam, poor starving wankers wanting money, pyramid scams, chain letters and hords of sluts trying to get in on my action. At least then I can say I do read the headers and open ones where people put stuff I can recognise in the subject header.

Hmmm... if this pic comes up, it's a sample of my art... fully penciled, inked and colored by PureCarnage.

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