Heh - my brother draws comics...

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Posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight at webcacheb07a.cache.pol.co.uk on April 28, 2002 at 18:56:55:

In Reply to: Don't think it ever did. They did a marathon once posted by pixies chick on April 28, 2002 at 18:47:52:

...the best one being 'Motobear' - think 'Bear Who Drives Car' from Clerks: TAS, but with a motorcycle. And sunglasses. Not terribly original, maybe, but entertaining none the less. He doesn't really do stories though, just individual pictures. I'm more of the writer in the family, so I've talekd about making Motobear a real comic, so who knows? Could happen - probably not though...

: but it was in the middle of tornado season, and it was interrupted by storm alerts. I hoep they do it again.
: A couple of people have told me that I remind them of Lindsey. I certainly related to the show, but especially to the part about having the geek for a brother. I had three of them, two writing software now, one a playwrite & actor. As kids, they were all over comic books, math contests, computer games.
: I still have some of the comics my youngest brother drew. Very cool to look back on them now. Geek heroes saving pretty girls from bullies.

: : ...better than Dawson's Creek and most other teen dramadies (drama/comedies). Did it ever get a DVD release? I used to have every episode recorded on tape, but someone recorded over 'em.

: :
: : : : J&SBSB is completely real until his mouth moves me.

: : : : Adam

: : : as Velma? Opportunity missed.
: : : Though I hear it's the girl who played Lindsey on Freaks&Geeks. Glad to see she has work. I still miss that show.

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