And why do you care so much?

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Posted by TheMojoPin at on April 28, 2002 at 16:21:42:

In Reply to: And why do you think anyone cares? posted by brodiebruce_405 on April 28, 2002 at 16:15:31:

: ALOT of people hate me, while being my fault, does NOT bother me.

I'm not just picking on you, I just have a natural, delicious hate that comes out whenever I interact with someone that isn't me, so thusly it makes perfect sense that I hate everyone and truly only love myself.

: It unfortunatly limits alot of things I can and cannot do, but I don't see why you have to say such things.

Why not? I don't look at other people in terms of "liking" or "loving", just who do I hate more or less? You're looking at my hate as a bad thing, but my brand of hate just cuts out the bullshit, drives up the honesty, and speeds things up for everyone.

: At first I was a little hurt by your HITLER OF THE DAY post, as it is the highest insult I could see given out.

That's the point of my running Hitler motif. What's worse than Hitler? NOTHING. Therefore, I can just stop anything dead by whipping out the Hitler card. It's unbeatable.

Look, don't take anything and everything so personally, I don't hate you as a person, it's just a blanket hatred for people's bullshit jibber-jabber in general. I like cutting to the quick, it's as simple as that, and being rude, mean, and blunt does that very nicely. What's just getting on my nerves is how by making grandiose statements about "how this board has gone downhill!" and pouncing on every semi-slow newbie or Jay groupie just contributes to the overall mess and serves to in fact make things worse. If you must comment to them, just firmly and matter-of-factly steer them thr right way (Or just away in general) and then ignore them, or just ignore them from the beginning. Problem solved, everyone can be happy, and my day is made.


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