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Posted by fuckin_shit at 24-205-66-11.glen-dyn.charterpipeline.net on April 28, 2002 at 14:39:33:

i live in LA and will try to see Vulgar as soon as possible. 2 questions though. first, in the LA times the critic said it was unrated and listed his own guidlines. said something bout 2 homosexual sadomasocisitc rape scene and graphic scenes of degredation. but i know vulgar got an r rating. the mpaa rated the whole thing. so does anyone know why that one critic felt the movie was unrated? second, since vulgar is only playing in one theater here, the ad in the paper said exclusive engagements now playing at... so is there a chance that it will open in more theathers across LA? it hardly seems like a movie that will make it to more big screens, but you never know. by the way has anyone seen the salton sea yet? that looked pretty good. plus a lot of my friends are tweakers so i can relate to how fucked up the characters are.

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