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Posted by JaxTJ at proxy3b.lmco.com on April 28, 2002 at 10:12:14:

In Reply to: and here im answering a comic question. posted by PretzelFan on April 28, 2002 at 10:01:27:

: not exactly a first.

: answer? depends. now if you want to stick with spidey i recommend the ultimates as i always have, they all just started in the last year or so so they arent that hard to jump onto you can either read them for free as a marvel.com dot comic or buy the trades of which there are some for both spidey and x-men (also a good read) they have a feel of comic book heros in the real world about them.

: Gimme a hint of where you would like to be reading. Otherwise look at the link i provided themadspin which should take you to the thread where you can get to a nice big fat list of comics i rattled off the other day. If you read that stuff and cant find a single one you like, go back to the crayons and paper.

I really enjoy the Spidey stories... I like the idea of comics that aren't entirely fantastical. Things I've enjoyed on-screen were Bat Man, X-Men, and Matrix(so much for staying away from fantasy) But I like being able to fool myself into thinking that there is a possibility that the events could happen (barring super-power intervention) Much like the Stephen King books I enjoy, my favorites are the ones that are more plausible, i.e.:

Being scared of a big fucking rabid dog.

A little girl lost in the woods of Maine who's imagination starts running wild.

The Gunslinger books, possible in a world that has 'moved on' to a point where technology still exists but everyone has forgotten what or why it is.

Does that help?


On a side note, the "Monkey Man portions of the animated ANP at V3 were pretty cool too.

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