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Posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight at on April 27, 2002 at 23:27:51:

In Reply to: Where do you draw the line on irreverent comedy? posted by VioLenT BoB (Dr.J0nes) on April 27, 2002 at 23:20:38:

...on what kind of comedy it is - if it's just some ass-hole telling jokes about Jewish people, I'd draw the line - if it was a well-done satire, then I'll laugh at most things. There was a programme on in the UK last year called 'Brass Eye', which was a spoof news programme, and it basically satirised how the media often reacted to paedophilia. It was a very funny programme, but not because it was saying paedophilia itself was funny, but rather the extreme ways in which the media dealt with the topic was amusing. It got a load of attention hungry celebrities making fools of themselves as well, as it showed them supporting a made-up charity against paedophiles, giving obviously ridiculous information about how paedophiles attacked children, revealing just how shallow and idiotic they could be, not researching a topic before joining a charity in aid of it. Anyway, enough rambling - I hope that made some sort of sense. If not, well... meh. It's too late for explanations.

: Well, where?

: 1. Slavery
: 2. Holocaust
: 3. Retardation
: 4. Homelessness
: 5. Genocide
: 6. Extreme National Tragedy
: 7. Other?

: Just a general of my projects has come under politically correct scrutiny lately, and I'm curious to see how many people object to the subject matter.

: Hint: one of those proposed is the nature of the project.

: VB

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