You're an Asshole NT

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Posted by BuddyChrist at on April 27, 2002 at 22:13:10:

In Reply to: Why do people here take everything so personally? posted by PerfectIdiot23 on April 27, 2002 at 22:11:28:

: A while ago, I posted my ideas on gravity, thinking that there would be someone here who knew about this and I could have a half-interesting conversation. But to my surprise, I log on, and what do I get? A bunch of "you're an idiot" messages.

: This has happened several times before, not only on my topics, obviously, but on everyone else's. There's no need to get personal when arguing on a net board. You people have got to learn to take this thing less personally. The poster is showing his opinions and you're free to agree with them or not, and to argue with them or not, but a lot of you people just FEEL the need to deliver a verbal (verbal? written? It's the internet) trashing to whoever expresses ideas which you disagree with.

: Now, it made sense on the other boards I've been where the average ages where around 16- 18, but on a board like this where most of the posters are in their twenties it's really unorthodox. A lot of you people are doing a good job at coming across as immature little fuckers, but I don't necessarily have to post about it. That's just a lack of respect.

: Hi. My name is John. I'm 24 years old. How you guys doing?

: And on that note, we cue all the witty "You're an asshole NT" replies...

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