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Posted by kingofthebritons at spider-tp053.proxy.aol.com on April 27, 2002 at 17:38:38:

In Reply to: My theory on how gravity works (OT) (repost) posted by PerfectIdiot23 on April 27, 2002 at 16:22:04:

: I'm posting this again since it's buried down there and would likely get ignored. I'm too interested to let it die.

: Every single piece of matter is in a perpetual state of growth. All matter is getting bigger and bigger, and we obviously can't see it because it's growth is symetric with ours. It's growing at such a fast rate that it's impossable to feel, and since it's universal, their are no means to judge this growth. There is no gravity. The illusion of gravity is created by physical laws of growth. When you jump in the air, you grow, propelling your feet downward, while the floor's growth is propelled upwards, meeting your feet. Gravity is bullshit.
: This perpetual growth feeling makes perfect sence, and there is literally no scientific evidence or logic showing that it's improbable. Actually, sometimes I can feel like all matter is growing, and I really think this theory fits.

: Your questions, your comments?

: I also think that human hormones coexist with this. When having sex, you have release because the growth of penis and hormonal glands react in tandum with that of the vagina, causing a reaction. This also may be the story behind all emotions. Feelings intensify because the growth of brain cells disrupts their motion to the extent that they're stronger when focused. Again, show me any logic that points towards my innaccuracy.

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