We can't win...

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Posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight at webcacheb05a.cache.pol.co.uk on April 16, 2002 at 11:50:04:

In Reply to: Goddamn me, you're right...I'm so weak...*NT* posted by TheMojoPin on April 16, 2002 at 11:31:28:

...because we'll all put our money down to go see just how bad it sucks. Then after we've seen it, the guys who made it will say "Ha ha! Despite making a crappy re-make that you KNEW you hated, you still paid to see it! We win this round!" to which we'll say "Oh yeah? Well guess what? We all know where the real money is - DVDs - and we can guarantee you this - no matter what extras you pack into it, there is NO WAY any of us sorry bastards are going to give you our hard earned cash to buy that piece o' crap", to which they'll smugly reply "Oh really? What if we package it with a super duper ultimate snazzy version of the original Akira, that you can only buy with the crappy live-action version? Face it, you stupid fan-boy fucks, you'll buy it, and you'll LIKE IT". We will not be able to respond to this, we'll just lay our money down, wipe the tears from our eyes, and leave silently...

: : But you know you'll see i when it comes out, if nothing else than to fuel your omnidirectional rage...

: : As will I...

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