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Posted by phone monkey at on April 16, 2002 at 08:42:49:

Picked up a copy of Comic Shop News while I was picking up Green Arrow 13 (Rocked, it rocked.)....

"... a normal woman who marries into a super-hero family... "

"THE NOBLES are like the Kennedys in that they're this big, powerful family that the public just can't get enough of... the Kennedys were practically royalty... But their private lives were all screwed up, populated with sex scandals and alcoholism and a mess of other problems. That's how it is with THE NOBLES. They're these great heroes, and yet, when you look at them up close, they're just as prone to bad judgment and human weakness as the rest of us..."

---- Jay Faerber on his new miniseries, Noble Causes

Has JSBSB taught us nothing!?! This identity theft cannot be ignored. Be assured, although my previous posts have generated little outcry on your behalf, I for one support you in any legal and/or commando action you might take to protect your (secret?) identities.


(oh, I crack myself up) ... and REPOST

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