probably clerks...

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Posted by skeeballpete at on April 16, 2002 at 07:35:16:

In Reply to: your welcome... posted by dogma22 on April 16, 2002 at 07:30:09:

probably clerks, it was the first kevin smith movie i saw back in about 1995 and set me on this path!!!
however, i am a BIG fan of dogma though, i think it is just such a well written movie

: tnanks skeeball pete

: nice to read that... how are you today. i'm going to sleep soon. i have school from 9 am to 6 pm, plus i gotta stay late 'cause i gotta work on a take home midterm. andy email me today. that was nice of him. what's your fav movie of the five?

: : : yeah clerks was pretty damn funny...
: : : i work at a super market, so i understand a little, like when they call me in because someone called in sick. i always say, "i'm not even suppose to be here today." and only some of my friends catch on. :) yes, we sell "cancer sticks" and i tell my co-workers that i feel bad that i'm "selling death" to them. tell me about the women who look at the milk for the latest date!

: : : dogma was hilarious. not to mention, very insightful for me. are you really an athiest? my grandpa is one and he married my grandma who is christian. how crazy is that? but they loved each other. good looking renagade angesl, too :) you know.

: : : amy made me cry. i felt bad for holden in the end and bad for alyssa when he rejected her for her past. i can sort of relate. I WAS NO FINGER CUFFS or anything. not done anything like what she had done, but because i wasn't someone's "first" but i was his, it freaked him out a little, that's all, and it put a strain on the realtionship for a while. he did use it against me in the future, like i had to apologize for it.

: : : mallrats is witty. broddie rules! i love the writing for that movie.

: : : j and sb is just the best for wrapping it all up.
: : : thanks again...

: :
: : : : I loved Dogma and though it was hilarious ... but i'm know amongst my mates for being the anti-christ, blasphemist (sp?), athiest I am. Some mates never watched it because of the religious references, but I say they missed out.

: : : : heck, I liked it enough to go and get my own Buddy Christ.

: : : : Having said that, I don't think it was the funniest of the 5 ... that title goes to 'Clerks' !!!

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