i know, but

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Posted by dogma22 at a24b94n83client248.hawaii.rr.com on April 16, 2002 at 06:56:11:

In Reply to: Not that I don't love it... posted by TheMadSpin on April 16, 2002 at 06:47:07:

that's funny, you wrote the lyrics.

i love all five movies for their wit and sense of humor and the way the character's think, especially broddie. however, my friend only saw mallrats on tv before she saw j and sb sb. so she didn't like it and i blamed it on the fact that she didn't see all five in full uncut all swearing form therefore she could not make good enough judgement on the film. i talk about "view askew" stuff to her all day to convince her that she has to see it all... the song was just a perk 'cause i'm always saying it...

yes, i'm a freak, sorry

: But if, "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK, Mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck,mother fuck mother fuck noinch noinch noinch. One two one two three four noinch noinch noinch. Schmokin weed schmokin weed doin' coke drinkin' beers, drinkin' beers beers beers rollin' fatties smoking blunts, who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts!" is the catalist for a futher viewing of a film you should have your friend find a better litmus test.

: I would hope that you draw in more people thanks to the great dialogue or the massive inside joke. With that in mind I would hope they watch J&SBSB AFTER they see the others because to really appreciate J&SBSB they need to have seen the other films.

: A dirty mouthed rap does not a movie make.

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