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Posted by Silent_John21 at on April 16, 2002 at 00:07:52:

I was just watching Dogma for prolly the umpteen millionth time when I recognized something. Its when Jay and Silent Bob are in the diner with Bethany. Bethany asks how they got to Illinois. Jay goes on his rant but at the end, he said him and Silent Bob got some money together and got on a bus to Illinois.... all is good!

But I realized something. In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, after Jay and Bob talk to Holden and they are going to start their trek to Hollywood. They get on a bus but then get right off. Jay says "When did they start charging for the bus? Didnt we used to ride that sh*t to school everyday for free?" or somrthing to that extent. If the movies, unless I am wrong, go in chronological order, wouldnt they have already paid for a bus trip prior to that? If you havent yet noticed, I have a lot of time on my hands. Being grounded has gotten me to watch many of the Kevin Smith movies, which kick total ass!

Cant wait for the next movie! And is there going to be a clerks 2? Or a sequel to any of the flicks?

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