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Posted by PretzelFan at on April 15, 2002 at 20:17:33:

In Reply to: Random Thoughts: Movies, Comics & Life posted by TheClerkCalledFreeway on April 15, 2002 at 20:10:28:

Samuel L. Jackson rocks period, must i remind you of long kiss goodnight.

: -Just saw a Daredevil pic on Comics2Film ( with Foggy & Matt Murdock... actually looks like they'll stay true to the comic. Aces!

Next Bond: Ewan McGregor. Hell no.

Time Machine. That movie rocked, but i saw the original and my friend who also saw the original agreed with me, but another person i know didnt and she didnt like it... might be something to that.

: -Just finished filling the holes in the my collection of the Ultimate Marvel line of comics...
Teehee, my collection is complete. Been reading "The Ultimates" and was it my imagination or was Nick Fuy a white guy in the X-men comics and a black guy in ever other ultimates line.

: -Drugs are bad, kids. Food for thought.
: -Women are good...better than drugs, at least.
Yes but more addictive.

: -The Scorpion King looks...okay-ish. But still, it has THE ROCK in I'll see it out of morbid curiosity. So will the rest of America. $30 million weekend, here we come.
Hey how many spin off movies has there been, i cant think of any.

: -Stupid Idea of the Week: Night golf. Nobody can like golf that much.
The glowing ball flying off into the darkness is cool... just go to the driving range at night. I learnt to play at the happy gilmore school of golf.

: -Script Status Report: I decided to smoosh two of the better ideas together into one uberfilm, and so far (11 pages in out of probably close to 60-70), it's looking good. I passed it around at school, and feedback and buzz are good. So far so good.
Whats it about? I was playing with doing a script for my own amusement but havent done any for a week or two.

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