Thank God Herself for Kevin's Arena Collumn

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Posted by Viewaskued37 at on April 15, 2002 at 20:04:52:

So in my journalism class today I knew we were going to be talking about collumn writing and what gives a writer a "voice". I think this is going to suck because any time we talk about anything that is remotely on topic in that class (which is a thankfully rare occasion), I feel like two dicks are being pushed into my ears at the same time. However I am saved because during a midnight watching of "Mullholand Drive" I remember Kevin's Arena Collumn. A weird time to remember something like that, but it's a weird flick. (However one I completely reccomend. Even if you hate the plot's incomprehensibility there's two lesbian scenes and one shot of Naomi Watts all hot and sweaty getting herself off.) Back on topic, I print the collumns off and show them to my friend while we're watching Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back who proceeds to find them hysterical and well-written. Then today, I show them to my journalism teacher, who only reads about half of "The Great Pretender" before handing them back to me and saying nothing. However before class I had showed the collumns to enough people and we ended spending the entire period discussing what gives Kevin a "voice" to call his own in the collumns.

I guess the point of this whole post was to thank Kevin for writing his Arena Collumn and helping a brother out by saving him from another mundane discussion about the banal anal-retentive collumn writing in the Chicago Tribune. Instead we had a fun conversation that was actually on the topic.

Thanks a bunch.

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