Would anyone like to buy an LICC Soudntrack CD?

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Posted by BrianWebber at user-33qtp84.dialup.mindspring.com on April 17, 2002 at 15:25:21:

I made these for my pals at the LICC (a discussion board RPG at nitcentral.com/discus for those not in the know), but only ONE of them actually bought one! To make matters worse, after I'd already spent my tax checks on back rent and food (well, and the Drawing Flies and A Better Palce DVDs), my father, desperate to avoid payuing the IRS $27.00, had made so now I'll have tu return like 300 dollars. I have $141.?? in the bank as of today, plus $24 in my savings. I may have to sell more DVDs (maybe even my Clerks Uncensored and Dogma SE ones). Every cent counts. It's only $3.00! Christ I'm poor and I could fucking afford that! Here's the track list;

1: Introduction (by Chasing Amy's Jason Lee, with his famous J&SBSB line, "And on that note, we cue the music."!)
2: Space Team Electra - Shadow
3: Man... or Astroman? - Taco Wagon
4: Crazy Town - Butterfly (Hard Rock Mix)
5: Sleater Kinney - Milkshake 'n' Honey
6: Stroke 9 - Kick Some Ass
7: The Cardigans - Iron Man
8: Pat Benetar - Invincible
9: Run-D.M.C. - Tougher Than Leather
10: Michael Hutchence - The Passenger
11: Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Dancing In The Sunshine of the Dark
12: Lo Fidelity All Stars - Battle Flag
13: Pussy 2000 - It's Gonna be Alright
14: Korn - Make Me Bad
15: Bloodhound Gang - Jackass
16: Anthrax - I Am The Law
17: Soul Coughing - The Bug
18: Green Day - Brain Stew (Godzilla Mix)

Well anyone interested? Just e-mail me your snail mail address and expect in a week or two.

Oh, I almost forgot, you can choose what color case you want! I have five each of the following colors;


Place your orders now! Turns out I have more cases than discs, so don't buy it on impulse, you may ruin it for a SERIOUS music lover.

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