Wouldn't the book have the answer?

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Posted by sean at threshold9n.jpmorgan.com on April 17, 2002 at 13:50:21:

In Reply to: KEVIN SMITH! HELP DECIDE THIS DINOSAUR MOVIE BET. posted by Admiral Blake on April 17, 2002 at 13:15:26:

: What is up? This is! My dumbass friend Luke thinks that in Jurrasic Park (I) Mr. Hammond's cane is made out of bones. I believe that it is made out of wood. We are not disputting what the PROP was made out of, just what it was intended to be made out of in the movie universe of Jurassic Park. There is considerable coinage on the line for me and we decided to leave the pharoh bit up to you. So almighty Ramses, tell us, what was the old fart's cane made out of. Wood? Bone? (uh... that sounds nasty.)

since you're not interested in what the prop looks like, the book would be able to tell you, I'm sure, if he had made a cane out of bone.

More to the point, aren't there far easier, less roundabout ways of settling a question like this than asking somebody who wasn't even in the film industry when the movie came out?

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