He's from Saudi Arabia...*NT*

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Posted by TheMojoPin at dialup- on April 17, 2002 at 12:18:40:

In Reply to: Just what I was thinking... posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight on April 17, 2002 at 12:08:55:

: ...and why is it this board is frequently used by people to express their hatred for everywhere east of the Statue Of Liberty? YEs, Osama Bin Laden is a horrible person who deserves to be punished, and yes, he's also from Afghanistan. This doesn't mean everyone from Afghanistan is an evil killer though, although you wouldn't know it from some people. I still remember some of the comments made when the earthquakes hit Afghanistan, people talking about "God punishing" Afghanistan for what "they" did to America...

: : I'm sure encouraging Westerners to randomly suicide-bomb Arabian civilians is a FAR more effective way to capture an individual than anything the U.S. military is currently doing.

: : It's called "becoming what you hate".

: : : Was it just me, or did everybody else here know that by this time after we first started going after the towel-headed one, that he would still be alive? I'm not saying America is by any means an incompitent military power, I just had this stirring suspicion that nothing would come from any of our military attacks. Why can't we play as dirty as that scumbag? Why don't you ever hear of citizens from other countries, say Britian, strapping bombs to themselves, walking into to an Arab snake-charming bar/restuarant and exploding the fuck out of it? I say enough of the air raids, and back to some good ole sneaky war fare. And yes everyone, I have a General's rank, so I know what Im talking about...

: : : Chris

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