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Posted by phone monkey at on April 17, 2002 at 12:08:04:

In Reply to: No more Drama, Kill osama posted by EmbryPotZebra on April 17, 2002 at 11:49:45:

: Was it just me, or did everybody else here know that by this time after we first started going after the towel-headed one, that he would still be alive? I'm not saying America is by any means an incompitent military power, I just had this stirring suspicion that nothing would come from any of our military attacks. Why can't we play as dirty as that scumbag? Why don't you ever hear of citizens from other countries, say Britian, strapping bombs to themselves, walking into to an Arab snake-charming bar/restuarant and exploding the fuck out of it? I say enough of the air raids, and back to some good ole sneaky war fare. And yes everyone, I have a General's rank, so I know what Im talking about...

: Chris

Ok, General, how's your history?
Just check who financed Geo W. Bush's first foray into the oil bidnez.
I believe you will see bin Laden everywhere.
... and did you notice how no one except the military were flying in the days after 9/11, except the bin Ladens? Of course, they had to high tail it out of here. Before they could be questioned by the FBI.
Michael Moore talked about it when he was here last month. Apparently the FBI were not happy that they didn't have a chance to question the family of the guy claiming to have done it.

Another point he brought up -- supposedly Osama bin Laden is in end-stage renal failure. That means his kidneys are going.
That means he needs dialysis.
... and that means, unless they have super fine caves in Afganistan, electrified, and equipped with modern medical equipment, he ain't there.

Okay? It's a big gulp, but if this is right, Osama is not in Afganistan, he's somewhere receiving very modern high-tech medical treatment.
And how hard would it be to track someone down who needed that?
Like the doctors etc., aren't going to notice who he is???

Or he is dead. It's possible.

Have faith in this though -- there's a reason why wars happen, and you're right, if the goal was to get him, we would. That makes me think that it's not the real goal.

So before we blow up a bunch of innocent people....

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