Re: best band/artist ever? whats ur pick guys?

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Posted by Halman at on April 17, 2002 at 03:00:37:

In Reply to: best band/artist ever? whats ur pick guys? posted by fuckin_shit on April 17, 2002 at 00:34:53:

: ok this ones a toughie. whats the best band or artist past or present. the most influencial ones, the best ones, or just the most damn interesting ones

: my picks wouuld be

: the beatles

: the rolling stones

: led zeppelin

: bob dylan
: bob marly

: hendrix

: cream

: black sabbath

: nwa

: and ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm kevin smith's farts because kev is god and when god makes noises its beautiful music

I don't know...

I'd go... Best musicians

Mr. Zimmerman
The Boss

Best Bands

The Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan "I can say zwan cause I've actually seen them live three times now. and I'm a chicago kid so I gotta represent"



Does Bob Marley and the Wailers count?


The Beatles "at times i'll explain"


Public Enemy "greatest rap group ever IMO"

Most Influencial Bands

Rage Against the Machine "They really the group that spurred on this rap rock garbage "although Rage did it right IMO" that everyone seems to do now. Yet none of these current bands could hold a candle to RATM."

The Roots "is it me or does every hip hop group dropped the drum machine and decided to go and tour with a actual band? The roots started this."

Beatles "no brainer there"

Nirvana "again no brainer"

The Beastie Boys "really paved the way for white kids to rap"

Bands I hate

Aerosmith "is it me or does every song they have made over the at least 15 years sound exactly the same with different lyrics?"

Rolling Stones "Never been a fan of them. Their first hit wasn't written by them and my favorite stones song was a cover"

The Beatles "It depends they wrote some seriously great music but they also wrote some really dumbass ass shit that's why."

There are many others that I like and dislike but it would take me days to discuss all of that.

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