Dude, chill out and play this game.....

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Posted by OB1Clownobie at 216-41-135-113.semo.net on April 17, 2002 at 02:04:37:

In Reply to: the dog in the family circus is named BARFY!!!!!!! posted by fuckin_shit on April 16, 2002 at 23:50:03:

My sister and I have the same dilemma, we can help but notice how shitty that strip is, we read it and just about slit our wrists. Then we realioze that this strip is not a fair representation of the human race (although sometimes i wonder) and we paly this game.

We figure out how to make the kids(who have been the same fucking age since 1925) into the mose demonic little satan spawn shitfucks you've ever seen. the classic moment was when grandma said to the mother "live is full of precious moments, here they come now" and points to the little cracker spawn walking up the driveway, we wrote in "AWWW EAT MY SHIT, GRANDMA!!!!"
y'know family entertainment

another fun thing is to add the hookers and crackdealers around the neighborhood whenever they show the dotted line where lil' (and i think that the lil' is legally part of his name) billy has gone throughout his adventures.

The family circus is fun for everyone, from beaver cleavers family to the manson family.

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