God Bless American....long and off topic

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Posted by GuitarGrimoire at winberg1-2.user.msu.edu on April 16, 2002 at 16:22:01:

GOD BLESS AMERICA. Such wishful thinking behind that statement. Without getting into whether I believe in God or not, let's stop and think about this statement. I mean, what makes people so sure that God even LIKES America, let alone gives it his blessing? Think about it, what's the defining principle that we as a country are united under? You guessed it, Capitalism. When you get right down to it, Capitalism is just fancy talk for "me wantee." We're a greedy bunch of people, always have been, and we always will be. It's just in our nature to want more. That right there should be a hint that God doesn't care much for us. I seem to remember "greed" being one of the seven "deadly" sins. If you're born in this country, you're a sinner right from the start simply because we're a country united in sin. And I'm willing to bet that for 98% of us, greed isn't our only sin. We're fat, lazy, envious, greedy, angry, proud, and horny. I mean, come on. Most of us screw like rabbits...only difference is rabbits do it to propagate their species, we just do it to get off. We enjoy everything in excess, yet we're just sure that God smiles down upon us. No matter how bad we get, we figure everything will turn out okay because God loves us. Yeah, sure he does.

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