tidbits from UK show last night

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Posted by crippler at ac8c65be.ipt.aol.com on April 16, 2002 at 14:37:36:

I made the trek from St. Louis to Lexington last night to see Kevin Smith talk at the University of Kentucky. The whole show was a q/a session that was well over 4 and a half hours long. Since people always get on here and ask the same sorts of questions, I figure I will give some of the info that Kevin talked about last night to try to answer some of those sorts of questions. Since he just spoke on these things last night, they can be viewed as the most up to date.

- Kevin plans to start shooting 'Jersey Girl' late summer after Affleck finishes up with the Daredevil movie. It was originally slated to begin filming this month but was pushed back due to Affleck doing Daredevil and Kevin not having the script finished in time.

- Still the only two cast for 'Jersey Girl' so far are Ben Affleck and George Carlin

- Filming for 'Jersey Girl' will not take place in New Jersey and Kevin is currently scouting for locations (one such location he named was Philadelphia).

- After Jersey Girl is finished, he plans to go right into 'Fletch Won', and try to stay as close to the book as possible, with Jason Lee playing Fletch.

- He has been paid to create the Clerks Animated movie and should begin writing it as soon as possible with about an expected release about a year and a half after he finishes writing it (the long period due to the animation).

- Someone asked a question about Jeff Anderson's current project (the name of which escapes me). So in order to go directly to the source, Kevin called Jeff on the phone and he answered the question into the microphone. He didn't really give anything new about it, but I thought it was pretty cool that Kevin did that and I just wanted to mention it. He tried calling Mewes and Jason Lee also but didn't have Mewes' number and Jason Lee wasn't home.

- The money that GLADD fined him for on 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' came out of his pockets and not the studio's and went towards an anti-hate crime foundation.

- Kevin plans to write another Daredevil story late this year.

Most of the rest of the info he covered were basic things mentioned in the Summaries or on DVD commentaries.


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