Jesus & Silent Bob Strike Back...

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Posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight at on April 16, 2002 at 13:20:44:

In Reply to: Kev at UK last night. - My religious POV posted by Protestant Cardinal Glick on April 16, 2002 at 12:52:13: THAT'S a movie I'd go to see. Seriously though, interesting points. I've always wondered what a 'proper' religious guy thought about Dogma (rather than the old people with nothing better to do looking for someone to blame for all the bad in the world), so it's nice to know that you enjoyed it.

: Greetings all

: I was in Knoxville TN yesterday and decided I had time to make the drive up to UK to see Kevin's lecutre (Q&A) there. I could not have been more thrilled. He fielded questions for over four hours, some quality, some inane, most however were provided with genuine answers. I attended with someone that was not familliar with Smith other than the fact he was the big guy in the overcoat in JSBSB. He commented several times on how honest Kevin was with his insights.
: Not only did Kevin fill gaps in many people's book of questions. (read the summaries first, please) But he was both honest funny and very entertaining.

: Being a Minister I found Kevin's views on religion fascinating. While his stories of protesting his own movie were hilarious, he provided real insight as to the reason many people of religious persuasion hate him so much.

: Let me point out that I might be the only Minister on the planet that thought Dogma was a wonderful movie. I think I know now why the movie struck such a positive chord with me and such a negative chord with many others. Kevin, in the process of living his life has processed and formulated his ideas and beliefs in a way that most "church people" have never approached. People who have thought through thier spiritual ideas that completely (and apparantly continue to) tend to intimidate and anger people that SHOULD have spent comperable time and effort doing the same and haven't. In addition, the fact that Kevin has reached a point of balance between Jesus and Silent Bob (I.E. he belives in Jesus, yet is still very comfortable looking you in the eye and saying "that's bullshit") is even MORE intimidating to people that feel that the more "religion" you process the more conservative you should become.

: I realize that there were about 50 other topics addressed last night in Lexington, but the film and comic crowds can touch on all of those. I myself am a Jesus buff (and a Smith fan) and thought I would drop a note to the closet Askiewniverse followers that just happen to fall under the (often annoying) title of "Clergy".

: Thanks a lot and thanks to Kevin for his willingness to discuss such things.

: Mark

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