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Posted by Timcat at on April 16, 2002 at 13:01:17:

In Reply to: Heh... I was just kidding... posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight on April 16, 2002 at 12:11:44:

:'s just that you kinda made it sound like Kevin's entire show was a rant against homophobia. I was just interested to hear what he said about the subject that impressed you.

Ah. It's not that Kevin mostly ranted about homophobia...he didn't.
My reaction has more to do with the general thinking of people in this area -- what they've been exposed to and what they haven't. It's the exposure of another point of view that I'm referencing. An honest point of view, rather than hypocrisy that's so prevalent otherwise.

It just happens to be a subject that his movies provoke, so naturally
he said something about it. No rants, just some facts...that's all.

Early on in the Q&A, I heard gasps from the audience when he dared mention "dick sucking", probably in reference to Mewes, without the expected derogatory comment that they're used to. Sure... some people remain offended, but most people open up when someone dares expose a different point of view that nobody else is brave enough to. It breaks the ice.

It has nothing to do with taking a pro-gay stance at all....actually Kevin came across as doesn't matter one way or another. *That* is the point.

I have friends here who claim to be 'liberal' and non-homophobic. After growing up being taught to hate homosexuals, they finally decided that since they are politically liberal ("democratic"), they accept the gay side of that, so, politically (at least), they are not homophobic. But every time they gather as a group, they make fun of queers and talk about how they can't stand the thought of gay sex (imagine the grimaces on their faces), and go on about why anyone would even consider doing that. And that's what, so far, it has meant to be 'non-homophobic' in central Kentucky. Then again, Howard Stern strikes me the same way....he used to be ambivalent, but lately he's gone bitterly homophobic.

So for Kevin to talk frankly without those proverbial grimaces, is shocking to people who've never been exposed to that (a different point
of view) before.

I mean, sure Kevin and his friends in the movies joke about gay sex and stuff when they get together too, but there's a subtle difference.

I guess the point is there's no reason to be militant either way.
Everyone should just get over it.

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