its all good....

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Posted by SexyJ at on April 11, 2002 at 09:39:21:

In Reply to: it was jeremy....sorry, confusing to me too. posted by Captain Chaos on April 11, 2002 at 09:35:19:

they are the same person to me. i just call them jermery/jason. easier that way. the 1st movie i saw with (whoever) in it was man on the moon with reese witherspoon. he played cort. then i saw dazed. i love both those movies. awesome!!

i wonder if jeremy now regrets the way he acted on the set seeing as how almost everyone came back for J&SBSB and he wasnt asked (at least thats the word on the street). wonder if he feels left out?? hhhmmmmm...!!

: jason is the one in dazed and confused. hell, like i said it was in 96 or 97.

: chaos

: : i could be mistaken though. i always get those 2 confused!!

: : : I think it was in like 96 or 97. I had just started dating a girl who is now my fiance. I had seen both clerks and mallrats, so naturally i put her to the test, and decided to get her to watch them just to see if she would like them....because if not hit the curb, right. So we make through clerks, then i put mallrats in. As soon as Jason London appears, she says hey mom, come and watch Jason in this movie. I'm thinking, this is strange....but apparently her mom is real good friends with Jeremy and Jason London's aunt, and they come to family gatherings from time to time. I've never been around for one of these, but I have seen pictures. It's true. It's really not that interesting, but SexyJ reminded me of it when she mentioned Jason London.

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