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Posted by SexyJ at on April 11, 2002 at 09:21:49:

good morning people. almost fri!! woo-hoo!!

ok so last night was a pretty good night for movies. i taped drop dead fred "i dont love you cause love is for girls and girls are dis-gust-ing!!" heehee. i love that movie!! for those of you who live in england...is rik mayall a big comedian there? i dont think i have seen him in anything else..at least here...he seems pretty funny. is he prop type guy or just goofy?

i watched the last 15 min of greg the bunny. that show is so wacked. the more i watch that show the more i love it. (who is the blonde? the one that said she had a puppet for a maid?).

then i turn on VH1 and that movie 'friends til the end' was on. i dont know if anyone has seen it but it was a made for tv movie i believe in 97. it has shannon doherty and jason london. pretty stupid movie but ok as far as tv movies go i guess. VH1 seems to love it though. anyone seen it?? i dont think shannon should sing but thats just my opinion.

then dead alive was on IFC last night round 11. "i kick ass for the lord". i was soooo happy. it was the UNEDITED version (never go to hollywood video!). so i taped that too. its prob a really crappy copy cause my vcr sux but hey...it grossed my mom out so its all good. hahaha. i just have to remember not to watch it right before i go to sleep. i had dreams that zombies were chasing me. HA. well thats it for my rambling. thanx for reading, or whatever.

"no you would like to go to the zoo"
"yes please"


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