copyright infringemnt is done only if you make

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Posted by adamapple at on April 11, 2002 at 03:51:33:

In Reply to: Re: ehh, movies references are done all the time posted by Mr.Pants on April 11, 2002 at 03:24:11:

: Yeah, I noticed, but

: 1.) We plan to work in pictures of the movie posters into the room(along with various other things I suspect of being copyrighted), along with Kevin Smith's name.

: 2.) We've been told four times we can be sued and would like to know if Kev has an agency or something that we can call and get free info from.

money using that likeness. you would have to show a clip from the movie and not just the poster to get sued for copyright infringement. look at the TONS of films that have movie posters in the background, Speilberg didn't have to pay for the John Wayne posters in Gremlins nor for saying the name Snow White, but he DID have to pay to use the Snow White footage. Another example is in E.T. when whatsisface was wearing the Star Quest or Galaxt quest t-shirt. Once again, not a copyright infringement. In fact I believe that may have been a paid endorsement.

You want more specific proof, look at the movie Stay Tuned. Or the film Chasing Kevin, which was a short made by just some fans of his, which he SCREENED at Vulgarthon. It was about kids obsessed with being just like him. Go watch it, I linked it below. If THAT didn't qualify for a lawsuit two lines in a movie and a poster certainly won't. In fact if it's good it might catch his attention.


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