Now You Know Screening Tonight

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Posted by FlickChick at on April 11, 2002 at 02:25:14:

The very short review: Talky, funny script. Good screening tonight. Jeff Anderson paces and scratches his head when he's nervous.

The longer review:

The View Askewers had to wait FOREVER to get in, but this was ok since Kevin and Jennifer Smith showed up fashionably late and we all gawked. (More on Jennifer at the end.)

After a short, funny intro by Kevin, Jeff said a little hello, gave well deserved props to his cast and crew, and started the show.

For those of you who haven't seen it, Now You Know is about a couple living in Las Vegas who are heading home to New Jersey on the weekend they're supposed to be getting married, but the wedding's been called off. Hijinks and drama ensue.

Jeremy Sisto plays the jilted groom. He's got wonderful warmth and befuddled-ness throughout, and he's lovely to watch. (Lovely to look at too, but that's not what I was getting at...) Rashida Jones does fine as the no-longer-bride-to-be. The supporting characters fit together well in the story and carry their own sub-plots well. All the supporting actors work hard and work well, but especially Heather Paige Kent and Trevor Fehrman.

I think the screening audience was 50% cast and crew and 50% View Askew fans, which made for a supportive audience to be sure. I think this helped make the screening a success, but I think NYK is smart and accessable, and I hope they do just a well from here on out as they did tonight.

The photography is more innovative than one might expect on a first feature, and the DP and crew surely deserve kudos for making the leading couples shine and the supporting cast click so well. I just love, love, love the conversation at the bachelor party shot in the mirror.

Last, a private note for the monkeys sitting in front of me: When you grow up, you'll realize that you should have been ashamed of yourselves for talking smack about Jennifer Schwalbach Smith BEFORE you knew she was in the house. And hopefully once you saw her performance, you put to rest your pedestrian stooging about she-can't-act-and-only-got-the-part-because-she's-married-to-Kevin. Shame on you, you numbnuts. She carried that small part with subtlety, sass and grace. As an actor she's doing just fine. As a woman who has to put up with your whiny bullshit, she's all class. You could do well to take notes.

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