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Posted by The Doug at on April 10, 2002 at 22:33:48:

In Reply to: Re: goofy-foot posted by Malcolm Load on April 10, 2002 at 20:09:08:

: : : Heavens Gate was far superior to The DEER HUNTER

: : wrong. i liked heavens gate a great deal but to me the deer hunter speaks on so many levels and hits closer to home.

: ----Oh......Had a friend crippled in 'nam lately

: Played Russian Roulette with pals?

no and no. what i meant by closer to home was the whole anti-war statement made by the movie. and how friends and family are torn apart by war. i think we have all been touched by war in some way.

: : : Secondly...Ciminos best film was his first....THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT

: : another great movie but not his best. i cant believe you are dismissing the deer hunter like this. the russian rolette scene alone blows heavens gate and thunderbolt and lightfoot away.

: ----The Russian roulette scene is easy drama......

easy drama or not, that scene IS deniro's finest work. there is such a ferocity in his face that it burns the film. watch the scene again and see how deniro looks like he really wants to kill that actor that is slapping him.

: And the rabbits in the trunk scene in THUNDERBOLT blows THE DEER CHEESE outta the water.

: Oy vay!

: that fucking ENDLESS wedding scene

i defend the OVERLONG wedding scene. it makes the ending so much more heartbreaking. he see during the wedding the way these friends interact with each other and are so much a part of each others life. then the war tears their world apart. nothing will be the way is was...ever again.


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