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Posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight at webcachem07b.cache.pol.co.uk on April 10, 2002 at 17:53:48:

In Reply to: Favourite Action Movie, Lee and Jersey Girl posted by I+D on April 10, 2002 at 15:24:24:

...first off, there's no real time when you stop being a newbie - it's more a frame of mind. Like the Force - you have to become one with yourself.
Favourite action movie? Hmmm... The Matrix is probably the best one to have been released in recent years, but other than that, I have a weird thing for Die Hard 2 (something about the British pilots' ridiculous accents), the original Terminator and Aliens.
Favourite Jason Lee quote? I love his little speech that he does in the cross-roads scene leading up to the "figments of your fucking imagination" quote - just the way he says "friendly, non-agenda, male-friendly lesbian" and "angry, bitter-as-hell, man-hating dyke" has me saying it along with him and laughing at the same time.
Jersey Girl? Heck, I'm not sure what to expect. Considering Kevin's last two flicks have bothe been pretty manic comedy flicks, it'll be interesting to see him try to make a film more along the lines of Chasing Amy (or so I've heard).

: Hi, just checking in again.

: This board is coming alive now. Was a bit dull earlier [Or maybe I go on too damn early!!!]

: Anyway lots of good posts like that Campbell one and the Scorpian King Post.

: Question
: How long till someone isn't a Newbie?

: I'm curious.

: Anyway.

: What is everyone's favourite action movie? [Or top 5 if you are unsure]

: Mine are
: 1. Con Air [It's so stupid, I can't stop laughing at Mad Dog, Cyrus and their crew. Their so pathetic]
: 2. Die Hard [The King of Action.]
: 3. The Matrix [What can I say? The actions a bitch.
: 4. Aliens [Marines and Aliens in a massive fight. What could be better?
: 5. Die Hard with a Vengeance [Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis are a good combo and work well.]

: I was wondering if anyone knew what Chasing Amy made in profits. It's been bugging me for a while.

: We all like Jason Lee, I mean he was amazing in Mallrats, even better in Amy, he was a cool bad guy in Dogma and his cameo's in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back were great. Which got me thinking. What is the best Lee Askew line.

: Mine pick is.


: That line rules, as does his outstanding performance.

: One last thing.

: With Jersey Girl coming out soon it got me thinking.

: This is the first non Jay and Silent Bob Movie. Which on one hand sucks but on the other makes it intriguing.

: I was wondering whether people think it's going to be his best yet. I mean it looks like a cool movie, but all we know is Affleck, Carlin and Lauren Adams are involved. So what does everyone think it'll be like. [I'm talking about quality, dialogue, style, budget, anything.]

: When you reply, I'll reply to your reply.

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