i just read in details (completely OT)

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Posted by SexyJ at on April 10, 2002 at 16:09:25:

(which by the way has matt damon on the cover) that 92% of dollars bills were found to be contaminated with cocaine.
that got me thinking....
if you give enough contaminated bills (not knowingly of course) to your kids (say ages 5 and up) to get ice cream from the ice cream man or lunch at school, and these kids eat their ice cream and lunch w/out washing their hands (lets face it---kids are dirty) will they slowly ingest the cocaine that will hook them to the drug (or drugs) later on in life?? it sounds like a far shot but could that be possible??

it said that "the tested notes bore a median coke content of 1.37 micrograms, meaning you'd likely need to lick at least 729,927 George Washingtons to score an $60 bags worth"

now think about it...if the kids licks his hands or touches his food enough after handling the money after all those yrs...would his/her body build up a dependancy for it??


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