Re: AM I a real person?

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Posted by JaxTJ at on April 12, 2002 at 09:11:49:

In Reply to: AM I a real person? posted by adamapple on April 12, 2002 at 04:18:20:

You should send this in to a news/current events magazine, really. Some of my own thoughts:

: Why can't gay folks be protected before they are murdered? People are allowed to sick their dogs on us, slit our throats, take our children and beat us and leave us for dead. Then once we are cold and gone they prosecute the perpetraitors.

These things happen to peole of all walks of life, sometimes for no reason at all. It would be nice if everyone could walk around without fear of their fellow citizens, unfortunately this is not the case and I would loathe the increased intrusion of government that it would demand. Can you imagine a world where they arrest you for INTENT to commit a crime even if no action was taken?

It IS a big deal that you are treated the way you are. You should be afforded the same rights as anyone else. People are insensitive, intolerant, and this may change, but slowly. Look at the current racial inequities and think how long it took to get THIS good. I think it can start, but we have to treat eachother fairly. EQUALLY. I don't want to be expected to treat someone DIFFERENTLY than I would treat anyone else because of a person's affiliation to a certain group. This goes for everyone... None of my ancestors were involved in slave trade or oppresion (unless you count the fraction of a fraction of Ojibwa in my blood) my family been in this country for five generations, why should I be hated for the sins of someone else's father? I think one of the major reasons social affairs are in the state they are is because we are told that if we don't treat someone special then we are not embracing diversity. I love diversity, just don't force me to love everyone personally.

: And why is it I can't join with him, legally? I mean, I am not asking for acceptance. I don't care if people like me or what it is I do. I don'task them to approve. We aren't talking bigamy or polygamy (neither of which I approve of, oddly enough), I just want to be able to see him and tend to him if something is wrong. I have spent the past five years with him , yes I do know his burial wishes. But you won't listen because I am legally nothing.

Laws change because of voting power, an individual vote may seem like nothing, but the last presidential election made me believe otherwise. An ORGANIZED stance with like-minded voters can mean more.

: I do however disagree with at least one thing. This is absolutely nothing like racism. Maybe the same ignorance can breed it. But I guarantee no black person has ever had the experience of their own mother calling them the N word.

I feel bad for that, it's unfortunate that just being a parent doesn't make someone loving or caring. Not to get religious, but a lot of so-called christians would do well to get off their soap boxes and live a life more like the man they worship.

: What is the point of the rambling? I don't know, just something for folks to mull over I suppose. Just wondering why I get out of bed somedays in this hateful, hateful world.

Thanks for your rambling, it has definitely helped dust the cobwebs off of a mind suffering from lack of exercise.

: Adam


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