Re: AM I a real person?

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Posted by andysith at on April 12, 2002 at 05:23:41:

In Reply to: AM I a real person? posted by adamapple on April 12, 2002 at 04:18:20:

homophobia sucks.. i've two lesbian friends in california and one has to pretend she is still married (don't ask)... they are having a joining ceremony in a couple of months though..

i find it amazing that so much good has come out of america on gay rights and all that, yet you can still get abused by your parents because of your sexuality.

stick with it, these hateful people are the ones who are wrong, not you

: I wonder. I just read a little about the man who murdered the two lesbians hiking in the woods in Virginia.

: He lived in my state. Confessed, claimed that he hated lesbians and that they deserved to die.

: Why can't gay folks be protected before they are murdered? People are allowed to sick their dogs on us, slit our throats, take our children and beat us and leave us for dead. Then once we are cold and gone they prosecute the perpetraitors.

: Why doesn't it become a problem before that? Why isn't it a big deal when I have folks in Denny's throwing food and calling me faggot? Why isn't it a big deal when I try to visit my partner in the hospital and they say, "I'm sorry, only family is allowed." I held him at night when his momma died, I am his family. Especially ironic considering his nearest "family" is 400 miles away.

: And why is it I can't join with him, legally? I mean, I am not asking for acceptance. I don't care if people like me or what it is I do. I don'task them to approve. We aren't talking bigamy or polygamy (neither of which I approve of, oddly enough), I just want to be able to see him and tend to him if something is wrong. I have spent the past five years with him , yes I do know his burial wishes. But you won't listen because I am legally nothing.

: Plus, the concept of protesting the treatment of gays with a day of SILENCE? Isn't that the problem we have now, that we are completely silent about these things until after the fact? Until AFTER they happen to us?

: I do however disagree with at least one thing. This is absolutely nothing like racism. Maybe the same ignorance can breed it. But I guarantee no black person has ever had the experience of their own mother calling them the N word.

: Wheras I have had the dubious distinction of being called faggot by mine. As well as a lying little hussy (I was 8 at the time), but I digress.

: What is the point of the rambling? I don't know, just something for folks to mull over I suppose. Just wondering why I get out of bed somedays in this hateful, hateful world.

: Adam

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