"kinda late..but Megacon" or "a lonely fanboy"

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Posted by SpikeSpiegel at 6532168hfc230.tampabay.rr.com on April 12, 2002 at 03:52:31:

this is a story of a lonely fanboy that got to meet Kevin Smith through some odd chain of events.
I found out about Kevin's appearance at MegaCon at 5AM the morning of the last day. My friends and I left at 7AM from Tampa to Orlando. I brought all of my view askew DVDs (all of them meaning...all of them..except J&SBSB as that was released 2 days later) with the delusion that Kevin would take time to sign them all. My friend Dale brought his bowl with the delusion that he could talk Jay into smoking out with him. So, we show up kinda early and have an interesting conversation with aome random guy we asked for directions who was tripping on shrooms and had obviously been wandering around wondering where home was all night. His directions were...misleading to say the least. SO we finally find the convention center and see anime signs...and computers....and comics...(this was my first con) oh...had I mentioned the kawaii anime cosplayers? I was overwhelmed. I had heard how wonderful cons were, and I was about to experience it first hand...So, we're walking the con floor, checking out the booths, getting free shit, etc.. when this voice comes over the PA talking about Kevin and his panel appearance for the daredevil book. Of course, we wander our way up there and there's no kevin. We get some cool info about the daredevil book, when this guy..wearing glasses..looking amazingly like kevin smith walks in. except he has a bald spot...I had never seen Kevin in person and had known nothing of this bald spot.. (No offense, Kev!) So, I watch this guy walk up to the panel and sit down..my assumption confirmed, this is the guy I came to the con to meet. This is the guy who created my favorite comedies. The guy who wrote some of the lines I quote on a daily basis (I can't express myself monosyllabically enough for you to understand them all). Let the barrage of questions begin. I was surprised to find that there really weren't all that many view askew freaks there. The panel stayed roughly on-topic with the daredevil book. I raised my hand and asked where Jay was (I had bet my friend that he was passed out in a haze back at the hotel. Inhebriated like in all of the dvd commentaries) and if I can get some DVDs signed. Kevin tells me that he's signing downstairs in about 30 min. So I head downstairs to get in line (since it's been capped at 150 people) only to fined that it's been full for 4 hours. Needless to say, I was sad. The one reason I had come to megacon seemed unobtainable. However, I was not about to quit. I went back upstairs to find that the panel had emptied, and Kevin was gone. I had been hoping to catch him on the way to the signing. Alas, no one was left in the room. So, I don't know if any of you have ever been to this convention center, but upstairs there is a large window which looks into a room with a large window that looks onto the con floor. I start looking through this window...out the other window onto the con floor to see if Kevin is on his way to the signing, when my focus changes. First I notice that there are lemon squares and coffee. I really wanted one of those Lemon Squares. Then I noticed that Kevin is sitting at a table in that room. So, I take a chance and knock on the window, hoping to get his attention. He didn't turn. This is about the time that I notice brian and walt down at the view askew booth..so I figured I'd get their autographs. I was about to leave, when I notice some kids trying to get into this "V.I.P." room. The door was locked, so they couldn't get in. I continue checking things out on the con floor when I notice the same kids...in the room. I look to the right and notice a second door leading to the room. This one is unlocked. JOY!!!!!!! I try to compose myself, and I walk up to Kevin. I mentioned that I was the kid with the DVDs and he asked if I wanted them signed. SO HAPPY!!! He signed all of my DVDs and I brought up my ex-girlfriend (who I want to point out at this time is a wonderful person who I love dearly) ans how she was pissed that she couldn't come with. I happened to have a picture of her with me, and he signed the back (I didn't tell him who dumped who or anything) "Sarah- Why the hell'd you dump Ryan? -Kevin Smith" I was extatic! I was nearly speechless! Thank you, Kevin. You made my first con one to definately remember.
on another note. Brian was rather funny with his notes that accompanied his autograph.
Clerks - "Time to buy a new disc" (the bitch dropped the dvd when he was taking the cover out to sign it.)
Mallrats - (Line from shannon dougherty)"Ryan, I banged her...really."
Chasing Amy - "The best part of this 'movie' is in the deleted scenes, you know which one." Yes, yes I do, Brian. That is my favorite deleted scene.
Dogma - (front - lines pointing to ben affleck and Matt Damon)"They're Gay"
(back) "I hate abortions." of course you all know, he played a picketer.
Clerks animated - "Ryan, Wanna play naked robber?" Of course, you all remember that last episode.
That's enough blabbering from me. I doubt anyone will take the time to read this ENTIRE post. If you did make it this far, thanks for listening to my story. I like sharing my first con experience.

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