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Posted by Pitstain at adsl-63-195-100-139.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net on April 12, 2002 at 03:32:41:

In Reply to: you tell me. posted by PretzelFan on April 12, 2002 at 01:54:38:

: ignorance is also commenting on something you dont know.
which is something yr as guilty of as he is, apparently...

:Apart from references to the darkside i only saw facts and opinions there.
spouting off gibberish based on uninformed half truths and uninformed opinions = ignorance

who the hell needs 6 computers anyway? If someone needs more than one of any flavor they must not be very happy with it. Unless you need a render farm or something... i've got 3, a powerbook, a desktop g4, and an old 9500 running my mail/web servers.

: Which part of what he said wasnt true.
these things:
"Mac's are not compatible with tons of software, games,(the older one's in particular)"

Neither is Windows... but there are no specifics given and nothing to back up his claims. In the Windows aisles you get more choices, but a lot of them suck. At least the mac aisle is generally filled with the stuff that was good enough to make the cut. go ahead and check http://www.macconnection.com or http://www.macmall.com and see what's available.

Games is the only category i will concede the mac's lack of software, but since i don't play games that doesn't affect me in the slightest. A lot of developers are porting games to OS X, however.

Name any major application and you will invariably find a macintosh version or equivalent (if you can't, emulate it with VPC). i defy you to do the same for Final Cut Pro or any of Apple's freebie programs iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto... or, hey, howzabout an iPod (the best walkman in the history of personal electronics... add the portable data storage aspect and you have one of the greatest devices in the history of personal electronics)

Unless a program is extremely hardware dependent (eg. high-end games, firmware upgrades, DOS reliant (i have some radio software that will NOT work outside a "real" pc because DOS doesn't do USB, but that program runs fine on a $10 486 laptop i got at the flea market) you can run it on a Macintosh with a $90 program called Virtual PC. the nice thing about using Virtual PC is that you can have separate disk images for DOS / 3.1 / 98 / 2K / ME / XP / Linux on the same machine and running at the same time (but, admittedly, slowly if yr trying to run them all at once (or even two at a time)) without having to bother with formatting/partitioning a hard drive. Make backups of each disk image and you'll never have to worry about having to reinstall windows... if something gets fucked up (i.e. yr XP license or the registry), revert to yr backup disk image in as little time as it takes to copy it from wherever you've got it backed up. try THAT on a PC.

:and the systems aren't nearly as powerful as todays pc's
if he says so... i would GLADLY take the 800Mhz iMac G4 over a 2Ghz PIV. why? because it's more powerful. it takes less *work* to get things done... and that means a helluva lot to me.

y'see, it's not all about megahertz. it's about the total package. the operating system, the hardware, the peripherals, etc. To deny apple's superiority in the User Interface dept. is to ignore fact. I would much rather have an efficient user interface and a (perceived) megahertz-weak system than a 40Ghz PLVIII running Windows LZT-6500

standard firewire, built-in DVD writer, gigabit ethernet (even on the fucking powerbook), airport wireless networking... all macs since the first iMac are 100% legacy free fer chrissakes. Nothing but USB and FireWire ports... try and take away the parallel port on a PC and watch people cry (heaven forbid they have to spend a few dollars to buy a USB/serial interface). Ditto for the keyboard port, the mouse port, etc. (all of which have been rendered obsolete by USB and firewire, but pc manufacturers still include them (and microsoft still has to support them))

if i wanted to play games i'd buy a playstation/gamecube (no xbox, thanks)

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