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Posted by Kaless at spider-ti081.proxy.aol.com on April 11, 2002 at 23:15:33:

In Reply to: Nononono... Any Catholics here? Anybody???? posted by phone monkey on April 11, 2002 at 13:37:44:

: So, Metatron is not in the Bible, he is in the Apocrypha.

: Now, excuse me, but THAT is the Bible. It's sort of like saying that Moses isn't in the Bible because he's in Genesis.

: See, if you're Catholic, it ain't exactly apocryphyl. It ain't exactly "fictional" either.

: If you're not Catholic, well, then he's not.

Just to clarify again...
I didn't say that Metatron WASN'T in the Apocrypha. And I certainly wasn't implying that the "fictional" reference had to do with the Apocrypha or the Gnostic Gospels. I was heading under "fictional" all of the literature that has been written about angels from new age ramblings to other "authoritative" sources. These are the places where the angels formed choirs and offices and stuff. Sorry if that sentence was confusing in the original post.

The Apocrypha, while holding a place in the canon of church Scripture does not hold the weight of what is considered the 66 books of "The Bible." Not that it is even "wrong" or "untrue" but just that it isn't considered to be as "God Breathed." Thus the given Catholic name--the Apocrypha!

By the way, and I don't think this is very well known by Protestants, but their cornerstone translation of the Scriptures--The King James Version--originally contained the Apocrypha in between the Old and New Testaments. Most Baptists would shit a brick if they knew that.

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