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Posted by captaincranium at on April 11, 2002 at 23:03:47:

In Reply to: Thanks man! posted by BrianLynch on April 11, 2002 at 22:23:27:

It was yet another dreary day in the Northland. As I dragged my (lily-white) ass up my steps and put the key in my mailbox, I paused. Looked around. "What is this all for anyway?" I thought (rubbing chin). "Same fucking hane day after day. People are so ugly, I hate them. This hatred is manifesting itself within my soul, erasing all remeberances of inspiration like so much Red Bull & Vodka." I shrugged, shook myself out of this inner-abyss and opened my box (so to speak). Beneath the bills and assorted crap, I locked on the manilla envelope laying there (oh so innocently!). And (good God!) there was none other than MR. D.J. Coffman's name in the return spot and (gasp! wet panties!) My own name written in MR. D.J. Coffman's own handwriting! "He probably used the same pen to ink this beauty." I thought, and began to vigorously rub myself. It was almost like somebody famous was rubbing me! No! No! Christ! Sorry about that. You asked for a more in depth review and look at me going on. I don't know....what do you wonder about? I thought the whole thing was effective, funny, nice to look at, and made me feel like I was in on the jokey jokey inward lives of yourself and MR. D.J. Coffman. It was almost like I was sitting around my place hanging the proverbial monkey brains with you. Fuck man, I don't know. I liked it. The paper stock is nice and heavy which I like. The art kicks ass. The humor is golden. I'll buy the next issue. I'll spend more time at I'm a fan. I don't have a single complaint or suggestion (other than the inevitable addition of COLOR). Tired of typing now. For the love of God, keep doing ANP, keep publishing comics, long live Monkey Man, God Bless the U.S. of A.

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