I think you missed the point

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Posted by OB1Clownobie at 216-41-133-165.semo.net on April 11, 2002 at 18:41:46:

In Reply to: Kevin's got enough projects in the works posted by Nitram on April 11, 2002 at 18:32:46:

: He doesn't need tips from you.

(ummmmmmm, i don't think i addressed it to kevin, just said he would be capable of it. i wouldnt presume to give career tips to Kevin Smith, juast thought i would throw it into the collective concience and see what you all thought. you don't have to be a rudeboy, asscockmuncher. oh, wait, i was just rude.....disturbing. must be spreading)

: But one of the scripts he wrote when he was much younger is going to be revised and another director is going to make the film. Its a horror script.

(that sounds cool, can you tell me the name of said project? i'd be very interested in awaiting its release and seeing how kevin writes horror, even if it was written when he was younger, is going to be revised, and directed by someone else. i dont mean to be picky, but, you sound like your dissmissing it based on his age when he wrote it and his remote relation to the current project status. i dont mean anything by it, just an observation on my part.)

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