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Posted by the Big C Unit at on April 11, 2002 at 16:29:44:

In Reply to: This guy is awesome... posted by Pimped-Out-Jedi-Knight on April 11, 2002 at 16:22:26:

Hmm. Possibly. Do you have a hot 22-25 year old sister you could trade me for one of my ingenius insults? I don't work for free you know...

-Big C Unit

: one for me, do one for me! I wanna be insulted!

: : sure thing. In fact, if he DOES hire me, I'll try to convince Mr. Smith to put a little excerpt of ME flipping ALL OF YOU off, somewhere in the background in one of his movies.

: : :
: : : Let us know if her hires you, you dumb backward ass fuck.

: : : : This message is intended for Mr. Smith only. So any of you SOBs who reply other than Kevin Smith, will burn slowly in the firey depths of hell. On to my message to Mr. K. Smith...

: : : : Whattup Fucksuck?

: : : : Hey you grizzly bastard. How about giving me a job to play video games in the office and maybe throw in some creative input on some of your flicks. I pride myself on having a pretty good eye for some really hot chicks. So I could maybe go around scouting the country (all on viewaskew's travelling budget, of course), for hot poon to possibly cast in your movies. That's just an idea of course. However you wish to utilize my extremely loveable and dynamic personality/skillsets are completely up to you. BTW, I live in NorCal...I suppose I *COULD* move to wherever the ViewAskew "office" is...but I'd much rather stay at home and you know...get conferenced in to the all hands meetings and whatnot. By the way, I've also got this thing about referring to my fellow coworkers as "rat bastards", I hope that won't present a problem. If so, perhaps I could modify it a bit and perhaps degrade them based upon their racial stereotypes. Nothing overly offensive of course. It's all in good fun. Well anyways, I look forward to a productive partnership and I trust we will continue to make many-a-more great movies together.

: : : : Sincerely Yours,

: : : : The Big C Unit

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