The Big C Unit is correct

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Posted by The Fett at on April 11, 2002 at 16:23:10:

In Reply to: Re: KEVIN, YOU BIG FAT RAT BASTARD!!!!!!!! posted by the Big C Unit on April 11, 2002 at 16:18:00:

: Listen goddamnit, unless one of you are Kevin Smith. Please respect my original post goddamnit. I mean, c'mon, it's not like I come into your houses and start taking shit out of your 'fridge and start cooking up shit! DO I?!?! NO?!?! Listen, I respect Mr. Smith and his filmmaking abilities and his creative approach to chinese checkers. SO FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY...GIVE MR. SMITH A CHANCE TO REPLY BEFORE YOU DIRTY ANIMALS GO FUCKING UP MY POST!

: I mean, why do you all have to go and get all kinds of salty on a guy for? I'm asking the man for a job. WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU MuffSwet, or theo14_the_angry_drunken_dwarf. Duffless, thanks for lookin' out. SO YOU GRIM BASTARDS CAN ALL BURN AT THE STAKE. My post is between me, and Mr. Smith.

: BTW, Kevin, ViewAskew wasn't my first choice to be quite honest. But I think Lucas got pretty upset when I called Jar Jar the AntiChrist, and C3P0 the "gayest robot in the galaxy". Fuck 'em if he can't take a joke.

Well, as usual my "hetero-lifemate" the Big C Unit is correct. Step off, even if he is a retard, he has just as much of a right to leave lonely demented messages as the rest of the sorry bastards who post to boards. I got your back, dawg.

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