JAY AND SILENT BOB strike back???

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Posted by MICHAEL MYERS at host213-122-169-179.btinternet.com on September 16, 2001 at 18:28:56:

So was the film suppose to be a deliberate piss- take of itself. I mean it was very funny. But it wasn't the best Kevin Smith film I have seen. It seemed to have to many short cuts relied on the comic too much. was that the original intention.

Or was the whole idea of the Ben Affleck and Matt Damon speech in which they discuss what films to do added explicitly make it clear to audiences " we're taking the Piss "

" Who would go and see a movie based on Jay and silnet Bob" turning to the camera. Funny. True ????

was it a test to see if the viewaskew nation could survive the ready press and bad reviews. Or was it a pop music kind of thing where a musician will put out a bad or not so good piece of music to see if he is still popular whether the fans are buying the name or the music?

As I said. The film was good. Funny. Very funny. Jay and silent bob needed more scream time since Mallrats and Dogma. But lets face it folks the film was no Chasing Amy or clerks.
Was it?

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