Do you comprehend the magnitude of the situation?

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Posted by kristyne at on September 16, 2001 at 14:20:40:

In Reply to: Justifying Death??? posted by LadyKyra9 on September 15, 2001 at 23:03:59:

Do you comprehend the magnitude of the situation?
Really, think about it.
Any military initiative on our part is not an emotional reaction stemming from ignorance or hatred. It is survival. It is not "retaliation" it is defense and protection. It is not just U.S. "interests", but a global battle between civilizations to defend our basic rights as human beings. Everything that you take for granted (including posting this bullshit) is at stake here. When you ask about "justifying death" it makes me wonder about your intelligence. Either you've got the secret to immortality and you're not sharing it with the rest of us, or you are naively assuming that we don't all die anyway. Since we all die anyway, then I would want us to at least be able to live free and die fighting rather than live in fear and die victims.
Heros are stepping up to the plate and willingly saying that they will risk their lives to protect yours. There is no easy way out of this. This is "fight or flight", plain and simple. The attack on our very own soil proves that "flight" is not an option. We are no longer safe. If it offends your delicate senses that violence may be necessary for us to survive, then get the emotional help that you need to deal with this. But please don't "lower the bar" for the rest of us that are trying to cope with this reality. I know it must feel good for you to be so righteous, to still be in denial about the gravity of our situation. But we need to understand and accept that we are under attack. How many more people would have to die from terrorist actions before you would support defending ourselves? More people are going to die. We have to accept that.
Do you really think that there is a way to avoid more deaths? Again, if you've got the secret, please share it with the rest of us. Otherwise, wake up.

: I understand that people are having feelings that are undescribable about this entire WTC and Terrorists and all.... and I know that people want revenge... but honestly... what is that going to get anyone??? Is it going to make you feel better?? I dont see how if could possibly... having other people die over the deaths of loved ones? Theres no way to feel better about losing a close one. If America does retaliate then everything is just going to get worse and it will become a war... is that really what people want to happen?? do they really want even MORE people to die???

: Why do people feel that they can justify death? (Benjamin Martin~~Mel Gibson in the Patriot... thats what got me thinking....)

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