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Posted by mrsjiggy at on September 16, 2001 at 11:34:57:

In Reply to: Question for VA folks posted by Moon Raper on September 16, 2001 at 02:49:51:

Do you actually, truly 100% believe in your heart that re-doing a movie would be money better spent than helping a family in need? Or supporting the search efforts? If VA was to go through like other people and remove all references and images of the WTC, perhaps their money would be "better spent" sending an engraved note of congratualtions to bin laden...We cannot let these people win this. We cannot pretend that the WTC never existed and by removing all images and references to it, we are doing just that. "Well it was there, but now it's not, so let's just pretend it never was there." That's just stupid logic that does not flow. Give me a break!

When Phil Hartman was tragically murdered by his wife, did Saturday Night Live stop runing all episodes with him in it? Did they airbrush him out? No. It wasn't easy for people to watch at first, but eventually people saw it more as paying tribute to him. I believe we should pay tribute to the WTC and everyone who worked in the building...keep the images where they are! (which I am sure VA is doing) Otherwise we are just saying that everything and everyone is forgettable. We will not forget what happened this week. As someone preparing to start my career as a history teacher, I have been collecting tons of information this week for my history classes because I will most assuredly have to teach this. Every person who worked in the WTC towers mattered and if we pretend that it never existed, then we are saying something to the contrary.

Not to mention the fact that at the time Chasing Amy came out, the towers were still standing. Historically speaking (now) it is accurate. It hsould not be altered. I REALLY didn't like your post (whether serious or not) and when I read it to my husband he liked it even less.

Thank you VA for wanting to help in the recovery process!!!

: I understand that you may be thinking of donating money to help with the tragedy, but before you do that you must remember this: shots of the World Trade Center can be seen in Chasing Amy.

: Don't you think your money would be better spent recalling all copies of Chasing Amy, and printing all new VHS and DVD copies with the World Trade Center digitally removed from the film?

: Think of your priorities! What would your money be better spent on? Helping those who are effected by the tragedy, or ensuring that your film recognises the achievments of international terrorists? I think you know the answer, and I think you will follow the path of what Sony is doing to Spider-Man and do that right thing.

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