From Argentina, Kevin !! Answer me! Fans,read this

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Posted by Fede Freak at on September 16, 2001 at 04:10:38:

Dear Kevin:

This is a warning !!
I dont care if you dont believe me, but in a huge (no "hughes") fan of
you and I live In Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA). You are probably saying: Where the fuck is that country ?. Well, its in South America, at the bottom and Buenos Aires is its D.C. We have invented the Tango, the bus, the rollerpen and the polical corruption without jail
Well, the fact is that since I saw in tv cable "mallrats" (back in 1998) i was pleased to see a movie so funny and so respectfull about comicbook fans (that I also am). So, i want to see more
Because of that, I start to search for you. I quicky found out that you dont have popularity in the video store. We are having a very difficult situation to the movie and the video company risks money to show a picture that do not have fans. But THERE ARE FAN, only they are hidding and resourse-less (economic speaking).
But in 2000 two of your movies were sent to video (Chasing Amy and Dogma), and now more people know about you.
I became friend of Andres Accorsi, one of the most best publisher of comic magazine in argentina (like WIZARD), and probably the only one that has respect about all kind of comics. From him, i realize that I wasnt the only one fan of you and i know lots of fans that wants to see your movies in theatres.

Recently, I travel for the first time to the USA, to see my mother and my brother (who lives there with my mom's new couple) to visit them.
Of course, i have to go to San Diego Comic Con, to try to meet you. That was impossible, first, becouse of the amount of people there. Second, 'couse of my hangover of Tequila in Tijuana the previous night.
(Fuck ! You have to make an interview at 4 o'clock !! Fuck !!)

Well, the true meaning of this E-mail IS TO WARN YOU !!!
Here in Argentina, to make the movie more appealing to the crowd, the censors also change the title of the movie. This happened two times with :
- Pupl Fiction became "Tiempos Violentos" ("Hard Times")
- "Telma & Louise" became "Las mujeres rebedes" ("the Rebel Women")
- "Chasing Amy" became "La otra cara del amor" ("the other face of love").

From You, want i want to know is to try not to change "jay and Silent Bob strikes back" from the transations., or try to make a good one.
Or else we are going to see "Dos Putos Contratacan" ("two gay fucks strikes back" or "the madmen across america"..I dont know !).

I want you to stop this, and if in our country we are going to see this movie.
But the most nice thing is you ever reply to me, so i know that you read this.You are one of my idols now, i know that you are a common guy who loves his public.

PD: Harley Quinn (What a name!) is beutiful, congratulations.U and your wife. (How can she bear you?)
PD 2: I feel sorry about the twin towers, i pray now for the souls of your american brothersand and to find a responsable of this masacre.

Take care !!
Good LUCK !!

Federico Uhrich
21 Years Old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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