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Posted by Chuz Boy at on September 15, 2001 at 19:32:09:

In Reply to: The Future Merchandise of the Viewasknewniverse... posted by Brain Stew on September 15, 2001 at 18:56:53:

: Hi,

: I have all of the Viewasknewniverse movies, and Clerks:Animated Series all on DVD, and am posting this message because of a concern of my mine about the J&SBSB DVD that will come out someday. My concern is whether or not you will completely load it up with extra, extra, really rare stuff because this is Jay and Bob's last movies (save for cameos perhaps ;) ).

They always stock their discs full of crap, whether it's critically acclaimed or trashed. I don't know why you'd think any different for this disc.

: Firstly, I have some suggestions for the J&SBSB DVD, I think you should do it similiar to the Brazil:Criterion Collection DVD. Which is to say, have the theaterical cut of the movie in Dolby Digital 5.1 (or DTS for shits and giggles) with the standard View Askew awesome commentary on Disc 1. On Disc 2, you could include all the usual lame extras, trailers, documentary, cast filmography, dvd credits, etc... But I think on this disc you should also include a history of Jay and Bob so to speak. This history could include some of the different places they've showed up outside of your films, such as the Scream 3 cameo, and the MTV spots from a while back. Now, Disc 3 would be where this DVD shines. It could include the original View Askew cut of the film (3 hours I believe?) in Dolby Digial, with again the standard great View Askew commentary that we all love to hear. This set would be incredible, and I would love to show it to my friends and family.

Actually, what showed in theatres WAS the View Askew cut. Kevin and Mosier edited this one, and Kevin had final cut. If he wanted to release the whole two hours (it wasn't three, it was much shorter), he could have. So I expect the cut scenes will show up in a cut scenes features, along with outtakes and trailers and music videos and whatever else VA can cram onto their DVDs.

: Secondly, I think you should release a book outlining the history and timeline of The Viewasknewiverse with the help of the great View Askew historian Vincent Pereira. This book would be a great and also a way to track the complex storylines of the Viewaskewniverse.

The timeline, especially with this new flick, is so jumbled that I don't think anyone could straighten it out at this point. And you know, I don't really care. Five fine films, don't really need to figure out one's place in terms of the other four. Just enjoy them.

: Thanks for your time,
: Zack Wagner AKA "MagnoliaFan" ;)

You're welcome,
Chuz Boy AKA Not even closely related to anyone famous.

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